Royalty Spirits, established in 2014, is the home of Miru Vodka, Rex Whiskey, and premium drink mixers. Authentically produced and created with passion, Royalty Spirits’ Owner Chaunci King, a proven beverage entrepreneur, is the first Black woman to own a liquor company in the Pacific Northwest. As a single mother working in corporate America by day, and as a bartender on nights and weekends, King saw an opportunity to combine her work ethic and mixology skills. “Women would request cocktails that were fruity, but not necessarily filled with sugar,” says King. I realized the industry was missing something, so I was inspired to create a flavored spirit with less sugar.” 

In 2014, Miru Pear Vodka was born, a flavored vodka with less sugar and calories. In 2017, Miru traditional vodka followed, and stores could not keep the Miru brand on the shelves. Miru Vodka, both classic and pear flavored, is made deep within the mountains of Oregon and purified in one of the finest distilleries in the Pacific Northwest. 

Even with sales in high demand, King still faced challenges as a Black female operating in the male dominated industry of liquor and spirits. Despite gender and race barriers, King has found ways to break barriers and be inclusive with her brands. Her team of salespeople, brand ambassadors, marketing professionals, mentors and more are diverse in race and background. Diversity helps Royalty Spirits showcase brand creativity, engage the community, explore effective partnerships. 

In 2017, King launched Rex Whiskey, a luxury spirit known for smoothness and quality. Artfully aged in charred bordeaux and burgundy wine barrels from the Pacific Northwest, Rex Whiskey has a caramel color and vanilla essence that will overload your tasting experience with a rich and silky finish! Today [Royalty Spirits] Miru Vodka and Rex Whiskey brands can be purchased in one hundred plus liquor stores, lounges and hotels.

In 2020, Royalty Spirits launched its premium drink mixers with and without cannabinoids (CBD). Online and in (New Seasons and Market of Choice) stores, customers can choose from Sweet and Sour, Exotic Berry, Vanilla Ginger and Pineapple Coconut drink mixers to make cocktails, mocktails, juices, smoothies and teas.

As Royalty Spirits continues to grow and scale, their mission, to cater to each customer remains the same. “Mass production is not a part of our process when it comes to delivering authenticity. Our spirits are small batched. Made within the mountains of Oregon and purified in one of the finest distilleries in the Pacific Northwest,” says King.

It’s truly an organic experience before it touches your glass. Royalty Spirits is made for the consumer, and real customer feedback is included in the production of each beverage. Check out Royalty Spirits online reviews on social media and google. Royalty Spirits services restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, aircrafts, and any other elevated experience you can think of.

We have something for everyone’s vibe at Royalty Spirits. All of our spirits and mixers are available for purchase online, and can be purchased in stores. Our mission is to produce products of high quality, rich taste, and longevity.